See the future

Another presentation of the innovation project - "Pokój Przyszlosci" /The room of the future/ was exhibited on 16-18 of October during Invest Hotel Fairs in Poznan. The "Pokój Przyszlosci" project is organized by the Hotel Profit magazine. The exposition is presented the most advanced products and technological solutions. Some of them are already used in hotel rooms and other will be ...

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Chillventa Fair

On 15th - 17th October in Norymberg were Chillventa Fair. Mitsubishi Electric Europe presented new products on its stand. Hall 7, stand 120 During meetings wits Representatives from all european headquaters there was opportunity to get information about the new Mitsubishi Electric technological solutions. ...

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The new warehouse

From the beginning of September AIRECO opened a new modern warehouse. It is situated next to the company's headquarter at Marywilska street in Warsaw. The increase of the storage capacity is a result of AIRECO's dynamic development and a response to the growing demand of the market. The stock capacity is 780 m2 /high storage is possible/. It is an additional space as the previous warehouse is still ...

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Sailing with Mitsubishi Electric

All along the lakes four boats with Mitsubishi Electric logo sailed. On that boats children and youth learn how to sail in CADET and OPTYMIST class. Not only during vacation camp on Masurian Region and in Holland but also all over the season at Zegrze Lake the progress in sailing of the young sailors can be observed. They already got points during domestic and international championships. Mitsubishi ...

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Symposium in Warsaw

The Symposium for planners, architects and distributors took place on the 19th of June at Bella Vista Hotel. The purpose of the Symposium was the presentation of Mitsubishi Electric's latest products according air-conditioning, as well as the forecast of the systems for the season 2009. In spite of top of the season the large number of guests attended the meeting where the new slogan "Climate of ...

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