Technical trainings

Starting from the end of January 2010 there is new cykle of technical trainings. It will be organized in the office of Zymetric in Warsaw. Technical workshop has been rechanged the way which make possible to provide the courses about each product of Mitsubishi Electric. Detailed info placed in the part "Trainings". ...

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Beginning of September we started edition of the Newsletter "MEmo". ...

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The official opening the Training Workshop

The official opening of the Mitsubishi Electric Training Workshop took place on the 19th of May 2009 in Warsaw at Zymetric’s headquarters. Trainings are provided since 17 th of March, however because of the enormous number of participants and very tight training program the official opening could take place only at the end of the first anticipated training programs. We opened with Kagami-wari ...

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Technical training of Mitsubishi Electric

From 17th of March the round of technical trainings started, fulfilling the large market’s demand. Trainings take place in a newly opened  training room at company’s headquarter in Warsaw. The first from anticipated training programs concerns the service issues of air conditioning units from Mitsubishi Electric’s M and Mr.Slim Series. Trainings provide a theoretical knowledge ...

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MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC European District Meeting

  Mitsubishi Electric European District Meeting took place on the 5th and 6th of February 2009 in Ratingen /Germany/. Representatives from 11 European countries supplied by Mitsubishi Electric Germany attended the Symposium. During the meeting plans and strategy for the next season and new, surprising products have been introduced. Moreover Mitsubishi Electric awarded the best European Distributors ...

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